APC Battery Recycle Program Terms & Conditions
By Participating in the APC Battery Recycle Program, customer accepts the following terms and conditions:

A. Eligibility:

  1. Customer must purchase NEW APC replacement Battery from an authorised APC reseller in New Zealand;
  2. APC Battery Recycle Program is limited to single phase batteries only. For the purposes of this program, “Battery” refers to the user-replaceable battery cartridge enclosed inside the UPS;
  3. The new battery purchased must be genuine APC branded and the part number starting with APCRBC, RBC, SYBT2, SYBT3, SYBT5, SYBATT;
  4. Batteries eligible for return are those listed on the APC Battery Recycle Program Table – click here for more details
  5. The customer is limited to return a maximum of four (4) spent batteries. The total shipping weight of the old batteries being returned must not exceed 150kg - Click here for shipping weights and dimensions
  6. Cannot be used in conjunction with existing APC UPS Maintenance Contracts.

B. Process for Battery Recycling:

To participate in this program, customer must present the following to APC within 30 days of purchase of the new APC replacement Battery:

  1. Completed Online Battery Recycle Program Request Form (with all fields properly completed);
  2. Copy of original sales invoice of the new APC replacement Battery purchase (to be scanned and attached to the Online Battery Recycle Program Request Form); and
  3. Old battery cartridge(s).
  4. The customer shall contact APC via the APC Battery Recycle Program website at http://recycle.apcpacific.com to lodge an application only AFTER the customer has purchased the NEW APC replacement Battery;
  5. APC will acknowledge the Battery Recycle Program Request Form to the customer via e-mail. The customer will be required to package the battery ready for collection once the acknowledgement is received.

C. Packing Instructions for Battery Returns

  • For APC Pick-Up:
    1. Customer shall disconnect the batteries and pack them for easy pick-up by APC's shipping agent.
    2. The APC shipping agent will only accept batteries that are packed in accordance with the specifications set out on the shipping page. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
    3. The customer must label the package with the customer contact details as well as the unique authorisation number in order to return old batteries. This information is provided in the acknowledgement e-mail by APC.

E. APC’s Liability

  • APC shall not be liable to Customer for any spent battery which is lost, delayed or destroyed during transportation to any authorised APC warehouse. APC reserves the right to change any aspect of or discontinue this program at it's sole discretion at any time without notification.

F. Warranties

  1. Customer warrants that:
    (a) it is the legal owner of each replacement battery; and
    (b) each returned battery does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights.
  2. In the event any of the above warranties is breached, Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless APC, its officers and employees from and against all third party demands for any loss, claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees) relating to or arising from such breach. The Customer will be held accountable for adherence to the process and the program by APC who will audit returned battery units to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the APC Battery Recycle Program.
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